Kinetic Engineering

Thank you for visiting ClockDVA Net. Like many of you I am a fan of this great band. I am from awesome Mexico City. Gathering information from multiple sources and using my knowledge of Typography and Web Design is how I created this site.

However, I am still missing some album covers. You can contribute to make this the ultimate ClockDVA site by submitting any of the missing covers and special bits of information you might know about the band. The site will be constantly updated. Some future sections will be added including one in which you'll will be able to represent ClockDVA's music visually.

I hope you'll enjoy the site and hey Adi, (or any other DVA members) if you read this message, do drop me a line! tell me what new projects you're working on so I can let the fans know. I hope you'll enjoy my site, our site.

Njoy, Peace to all.

Mauricio Reyes